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Telecommunications Suite


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The following screenshots were of a homemade redesign and rewrite, with fake/redacted data, while withholding proprietary information.

My Contribution

The majority of sub-systems were already established, when I was hired to update the visuals and eventually move on to becoming the lead web developer. (initially supporting IE6, then eventually IE8 and up)

Throughout my time working within the systems, I developed innovative methods for working with the static and (at the time) rigid cookie cutter DevExpress components.

Along with recreating entire clones of the full suite, using SignalR and KnockoutJS. Writing an entire drag and drop teeview hierarchy, with full CRUD implementation and cascading controls.

Product Description

The core concept for all the sub-systems were to facilitate the communications billing and management of any orginisational Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Telecomms Management Service (TMS)

The TMS system was developed to consolidate and clean all the data formats that each type of PBX export. Along with the steady stream of realtime logging, this system also allowed admin only access to low level PBX features, such as call blocking, extension reallocation, etc.

User Management Service (UMS)

The UMS system was more geared to each individual that might be incorrectly getting deducted for personal calls, making admin requests with complete sign off process and other personalised tracking purposes.

Billing Management Service (BMS)

The BMS system was developed with the accountants in mind, with complete auditing services, back-dated usage history and tax ratings.

Reporting Management/Distribution Service (RMS)

The RMS/RDS system was designed to enable custom reporting, to automatically track the sub-systems usages, front the top down hierarchy of the business, dependant on user role requirements.