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Online Casinos Management Product


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My Contribution

Although there was already a system started before I came into the role, not a single line of code has not been scrutinised and rewritten by me at some stage. Some architectural decisions were already established at this point and I had enough experience to hit the ground running, pushing through changes within my first week of starting. While reworking, I also got everything upgraded to the latest tech stack, starting with old Umbraco & dotnet.framework then Next.js & javascript to typescript.

I wrote the entire backend API and Lucene queries for the Umbraco CRM system, in order to mimic a headless CMS. Along with the entire Next.js web app integration of multiple casino websites.

Product Description

The point of the Online Casinos Management Product, was to enable a central cloud centric solution that non-tech individuals could easily spin up new casinos while being completely law compliant for the served region of each player.

Headless CMS

The lobby system comprises a core Headless CMS (Content Management System), built on top of the open-source Umbraco dotnet project. This hands control of the content over to non-technical business reps and market compliance officers. This is optimised to use the free versions of all dependencies, with custom indexed queries, to mitigate cost and prioritise speed. Along with a linked cloud blob storage for a shared image store, through the Umbraco image optimisation layer. Everything is laid out in a treeview-like structure, linking specific regions to a market and component settings to dynamic pages.

Full Stack Web App

While the frontend side uses Next.js with an ISR (Incremental Static Regeneration) approach, to prioritise SEO bot crawling, while allowing for granular control over the entire web app via the headless CMS integration and boost app performance. Amongst this layer, there are a few player tracking integrations, along with GEO localisations for market regulations or regional laws that all casinos must be adhered to. While also integrating with third-party systems via specialised message broker channels.

Hosting & Scaling

The environments, databases, storage, function apps and facades are all hosted on Azure cloud services, as the company is primarily a Microsoft house, where the DMZ and URL rewrites are extrapolated via CloudFlare.